Odonatological Abstract Service (OAS)

From 1998 to 2016, Martin Schorr – supported by several colleagues – acquired and analysed countless odonatological papers (including “grey literature”, i.e. unpublished reports, thesis papers etc.) and compiled them as citations, in most cases with abstracts, as ODONATOLOGICAL ABSTRACT SERVICE" (OAS), a publication of INTERNATIONAL DRAGONFLY FUND e.V. (IDF) in cooperation with WORLDWIDE DRAGONFLY ASSOCIATION (WDA). OAS edition 45/46 (May 2016) was the final one and OAS was temporarily discontinued. IDF offers a free compilation of all OAS editions. The pdf file contains 2,728 pages with more than 15,700 Odonata paper citations; file size is 27 MB. 

Download all editions of Odonatological Abstract Service (OAS) from 1998 to 2016.

If you use OAS for your literature research, we ask you to credit this in your own reports or papers. This can be done, for instance, in the acknowledgements by stating something like this:

“Odonatological Abstract Service of the INTERNATIONAL DRAGONFLY FUND e.V. (IDF) has been a useful tool for literature research. It can be downloaded under the following link: www.dragonflyfund.org.

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Martin Schorr decided to share more of his diligent work and revive OAS (for the time being). Look in here every now and then to check for new editions! 


OAS edition 74 (March 2024)  

OAS edition 73 (December 2023) 

OAS edition 72 (November 2023) 

OAS edition 71 (August 2023) 

OAS edition 70 (July 2023)

OAS edition 69 (June 2023)

OAS edition 68 (March 2023)

OAS edition 67 (February 2023)

OAS edition 66 (November 2022)

OAS edition 65 (November 2022)

OAS edition 64 (October 2022)

OAS edition 63 (October 2022) 

OAS edition 62 (February 2022) 

OAS edition 61 (December 2021) 

OAS edition 60 (November 2021) 

OAS edition 59 (November 2021) 

OAS edition 58 (September 2021) 

OAS edition 57 (September 2021) 

OAS edition 56 (September 2021) 

OAS edition 55 (September 2021) 

OAS edition 54 (September 2021) 

OAS edition 53 (September 2021) 

OAS edition 52 (August 2021) 

OAS edition 51 (August 2021) 

OAS edition 50 (August 2021) 

OAS edition 49 (July 2021)

OAS edition 48 (June 2021)

OAS edition 47 (May 2021)